“Gaddafi sitting on 143 tonnes of gold in Libya”

“Gaddafi sitting on 143 tonnes of gold in Libya”

IMF: “Gaddafi sitting on 143 tonnes of gold in Libya”
Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi is reportedly sitting on a 143.8-tonne $6.4-billion pot of gold – enough to pay mercenaries to fight for him for years.

The gold bullion – held by the Libyan central bank and controlled by Colonel Gaddafi – is among the 25 largest reserves in the world, the Financial Times reported, citing the International Monetary Fund.

They provide the 68-year-old Libyan strongman a lifeline after billions of assets held offshore were frozen by the United States and the 27 member states of the European Union.

The gold reserves are believed to have been moved from the central bank in the capital, Tripoli, to another city such as Sebha in the south, which is near Libya’s African neighbours Chad and Niger, after fighting broke out, the Times reported.

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Gaddafi sitting on 143 tonnes of gold in Libya

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