The Joy of Not Working

The Joy of Not Working

The Joy of Not Working by Ernie J. Zelinski.

This book can make you a winner. The Joy of Not Working has now
been published in fourteen languages and has sold over 200,000
copies worldwide. Although the last edition was still selling well, I have
updated it to make it more appropriate for the twenty-first century. I
want to thank Phil Wood, Kirsty Melville, and Meghan Keeffe at Ten
Speed Press for making the new edition possible.
Not only has the content been updated, a new section has been
added at the back: a collection of some of the more interesting letters
that I have received from readers since the last edition was published in
1997. I believe that you will find these letters just as inspiring as the
material that I have written, if not more so. Moreover, I have inserted a
few letters throughout the book. I want to thank the individuals who
wrote these letters; they have contributed immensely to this book.
Unlike most how-to books on winning, this book is not about winning at a
job or making money. Nor is it a book about winning at
competitive games. It is about winning when you aren’t working, in a
way that is not competitive, but still very rewarding.
You’re a winner when you have a zest for life.
You’re a winner when you wake up every morning
excited about the day. You’re a winner when you
enjoy what you’re doing. And you’re a winner when
you pretty well know what you want to do with the
rest of your life.
Whether you are retired, unemployed, or working,
you can use The Joy of Not Working as a practical and
reliable guide to create a paradise away from the workplace.
Because all of us need reminders from time to time about the
obvious and the notso-obvious, we can all use a handy guide
on how to enjoy life more

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