Warning from the Ghost of $600 Gold

Warning from the Ghost of $600 Gold

Gold’s “Doubling Effect”
Thanks to this unique tool, every time gold gains just 1%, you make 2%…
A 25% gain pays 50%… a 100% gain pays 200%… a 500% gain pays 1,000%!
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Warning from the Ghost of $600 Gold
By Brian Hicks | Sunday, September 4th, 2011
Don’t fall for this stuff…
“Gold’s peaked.”
“I don’t see how prices could get any higher.”
“There’s no way gold can keep this rally alive.”
This sentiment is nothing new.
Those lines even came from the same newspaper! It was printed in 2006, when gold traded for less than $600.
And you heard it again as prices broke $700 then $800…
Even as we tear down the $1,800 mark, “experts” are still clinging to their “it’s peaked” mentality.
Last month alone, prices jumped another 12%.
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